Are Supplements As Strong As Drugs?: A Deep Dive Into Precision Health with Dr. Tyler Panzner

Are supplements as strong as drugs?

Dr. Tyler Panzner is this episode’s guest, bringing his expertise on the role of genetics and supplements in combating common ailments such as IBS, anxiety, and insomnia.

As a champion for understanding our body’s pathways, Dr. Panzner’s approach is transforming our understanding of chronic disease and health management.

Dr. Panzner dives deep into the crucial topic of understanding and supporting our body’s most commonly mutated pathways, rather than getting caught up in an endless cycle of supplementing every gene.

He also provides an exciting viewpoint, comparing gene mutations and their effects across all cells in the body.

Joe and Tyler also point out the potential risks associated with the use of supplements and discuss the importance of understanding how they affect our bodies.

Dr. Tyler Panzner is a Ph.D. scientist trained in pharmacology, cancer, neuroscience, and inflammation research who has had a lifelong passion for understanding how substances affect the body. While his scientific training spans well over a decade, his passion for genetics and personalized medicine started ~6 years ago and he’s pursued his goal of personalizing vitamin, supplement, and lifestyle regimes for each individual.


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(0:00) – Introduction

(01:36) – Getting into the field of genetics

(11:20) – Tyler’s Framework for tackling health issues

(18:46) – Using the recommendations to optimize your health

(30:22) – Next steps after understanding the foundation

(42:44) – The importance of lab tests

(49:45) – Issues with conventional medicine

(57:36) – Tyler supplement stack

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