Boosting Immunity and Biohacking to Prevent Illness with Dr. Oz Garcia

In this episode, we delve deep into the importance of the immune system and how you can optimize it for peak performance.

Immunity isn’t just about avoiding the common cold; it can impact all areas of health, from physical wellness to mental clarity.

Joe, a seasoned biohacker, shares his personal experiences and strategies for ramping up immunity, shedding light on how a data-driven approach can yield significant benefits.

We also explore a comprehensive protocol for when you do get sick, outlining a series of steps incorporating diet changes, specific supplements, and unique lifestyle adjustments.

From baths to peptides, discover an array of techniques to fortify your body’s defenses and recover faster from illness. Join us for this enlightening conversation that will leave you better prepared to face health challenges head-on.


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(0:00) – Intro

(1:02) – What Dr. Oz Tests For

(5:08) – Pros and cons of testing

(11:15) – Muscle & Tendon Recovery

(22:13) – How to decrease homocysteine

(29:57) – Immunity

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