Dr. Mercola: Vitamin D, Linoleic Acid & Hacking Your Diet | Episode 01

Are EMFs harmful? Should you wear sunscreen? In this episode, Joe and Dr. Joseph Mercola discuss these and other controversial topics within the health industry. Dive deep into the importance of sun exposure (it’s not just vitamin D), vegetable oils, and learn valuable insights to hack your diet.

Dr. Mercola shares his secret for better vitamin D levels, discusses the problems with linoleic acid and which foods to avoid, and talks about the one supplement he hasn’t taken in 15 years. Plus, listen to the top mistakes people make when trying to biohack their health.

Dr. Mercola is a New York Times bestselling author and the founder of the natural health website Mercola.com, one of the world’s leading natural health website with millions of monthly visitors.

This interview is not intended as medical advice.

(0:00) – Introduction
(2:27) – The importance of the sun and Vitamin D
(7:03) – Mendelian Randomization Studies with Vitamin D
(10:20) – Dr. Mercola & The New York Times
(11:45) – EMFs vs. Vaccines
(14:25) – Tracking the effects of EMFs, Vegetable Oil, and Vaccines
(15:32) – Unsullied by paid sponsors
(16:00) – How long do the effects of Vegetable Oil last?
(19:39) – The negative effects of Vegetable Oils
(21:40) – What does Linoleic Acid do to your body?
(26:34) – How Dr. Mercola changed his diet to remove vegetable oils and decrease linoleic acid
(32:23) – Why studies on Vegetable Oil make it seem less harmful
(34:06) – LDL Cholesterol levels
(37:33) – The top 5 worst things people are doing for their health
(44:37) – Iron, Ferritin, and Hemoglobin

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