How To Improve Sleep & Sleep Quality | Q&A 02

Do you find it hard to drift off to sleep at night? Wondering why some nights are filled with vivid dreams while others leave you feeling like you’ve barely closed your eyes? What’s the true impact of those late-night screens and the foods we consume on our sleep cycle?

In this episode, Joe and Dr. Greg answer questions unraveling the mysteries of sleep and revealing the intricacies of our body’s internal clock.

Together, they explore the pivotal role of sleep in our overall health, spotlighting specific genes that might influence your sleep patterns and how you can modify your habits for a restful night.

Shifting their attention to nutrients and dietary habits, they identify certain foods and minerals that promote sleep, like tryptophan and melatonin.

From understanding genes like PER and CLOCK that regulate our circadian rhythms, to the essential role of diet, this episode is a comprehensive exploration of the science behind sleep!


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(0:00) – Introduction

(07:10) – Why do sleep disorders increase with age?

(07:46) – How can I easily fall asleep?

(14:47) – Sleeping a lot but still tired

(18:10) – Waking up in the middle of the night

(26:55) – Waking up panicked

(30:30) – Is there a way to increase slow wave sleep?

(33:20) – Can SAD bring on insomnia?

(34:40) – Melatonin genes and sleep

(36:30) – Inconsistencies in sleep?

(37:18) – How do I make sleep more restorative?

(38:36) – Is napping okay?

(40:32) – How to increase REM sleep time?

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