How To Increase Your VO2 Max, Master Your Metabolism, and Improve Your Lifespan with Jeffrey Gladden

Longevity is a concoction of many different things – HRV, telomere length, blood pressure, mTOR and AMPK, and so much more. Optimizing and improving your lifespan requires a balanced focus on all of these through lifestyle, diet, and supplement implementations.

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden – a Board certified interventional cardiologist and the founder of Gladden Longevity – is the guest of today’s episode!

We explore the different strategies that claim to improve longevity and dive deep into the science behind specific exercises, supplements, and drugs that improve lifespan.

Jeffrey talks about the ways to master your metabolism by utilizing the economy of balance concept, discusses all the different ‘biological ages’ that can be used to interpret our health, and gives his tip on the best way to increase VO2 max.

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden is a Board certified interventional cardiologist and the founder of Gladden Longevity, Human Performance & Longevity Optimization. He did his undergraduate work at Wheaton College and earned his Doctor of Medicine degree with Honors from Temple University in 1982. He has specialized in many areas of cardiology, including interventional, diagnostic, preventative and programmatic.


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(0:00) – Introduction

(02:12) – Jeffrey’s change from conventional medicine to longevity

(07:24) – Treating an issue vs. optimizing the body

(10:00) – Resting metabolic rate tests & VO2 Max

(21:54) – The number one metric for longevity

(25:16) – Longevity supplements and drugs

(32:27) – mTOR and AMPK

(39:13) – Big contributors of aging

(46:55) – Breaking the mental barrier to better habits

(55:19) – Optimal testosterone level

(59:33) – Living younger for longer

(01:04:57) – The KEY to optimal health

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