How to Set Goals And Find Motivation To Optimize Your Health with Andrew Steele

The pursuit of optimal health is a lifelong journey, so finding the motivation to continue to make the right decisions can sometimes be difficult.

If you’re not working on a tangible goal – like running a marathon or reaching a PR in squats – then how can you keep yourself from falling into unhealthy habits?

In this episode, Andrew Steele – former Olympian and co-founder of DNAfit and Aila – and Joe share tips on how to set realistic goals that keep you striving for optimal health and performance.

Andrew discusses the importance of health trackers in understanding your next steps, and shares how you can start becoming more aware of your diet and supplement changes to fuel you on your road to optimal health.

Both Joe and Andrew share their life-changing journey with genetics, and how they’re now incorporating labs to get a holistic picture of their health.


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(0:00) – Introduction

(01:46) – What is Andrew Steele’s main health focus?

(22:27) – How many supplements does Andrew take?

(27:52) – A data-driven approach to health

(42:15) – What lab tests is Andrew tracking?

(44:20) – Using SelfDecode to optimize lab levels

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