Katie Wells: Intermittent Fasting, Diet & Optimal Labs | Episode 04

Low carb? Keto? Low fat? Fasting? In this episode, Katie Wells and Joe talk about her experience with dieting, some of the benefits she gets from intermittent fasting, and they discuss the controversial topic of cholesterol (spoiler: lower is not necessarily better).

Katie shares some of her favorite health hacks, and they talk about how genetics can influence a person’s health and how to use this information to live optimally. They also discuss which and how to track labs, the importance of optimal vs normal ranges, and what Katie does to hack her sleep & mood.

Katie Wells is the founder and CEO of wellnessmama.com and wellnesse.com. A mom of 6, she took her health into her own hands and started researching to find the answers to her health struggles. She has written over 1,500 blog posts, 3 books, and was named one of the most influential people in health and wellness.

This interview is not intended as medical advice.

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(0:00) – Introduction

(1:04) – How Katie got into health

(3:53) – The Personalized Health Podcast?

(4:57) – Shifting of health goals

(6:44) – Katie’s current health goals

(8:14) – Joe shares his health journey

(9:04) – What labs to track for anti-aging?

(10:32) – Alcohol and saturated fats affect on health

(12:31) – Katie Wells thoughts on LDL cholesterol

(13:24) – Over-dieting and under nourishing

(16:52) – Unsullied by paid sponsors

(17:18) – Megadosing and metabolic flexibility

(18:45) – Katies daily supplement intake & fasting

(20:01) – The mental and spiritual benefits of a long fast

(22:15) – Joe’s experience with fasting

(23:42) – What supplements does Katie take now?

(24:39) – Pregnenolone dosages & benefits

(25:40) – Nootropic stack for focus

(26:37) – Tips to improve sleep from Katie

(28:45) – Katie’s most successful health “experiments”

(30:09) – The importance of protein in your diet

(31:40) – The last time Katie changed her mind about a health topic

(32:42) – The best health hack Katie wished she found earlier

(34:52) – Katie’s top hacks to optimize mood

(36:36) – The difference between normal and optimal lab ranges

(37:45) – How using SelfDecode can help optimize your lab levels

(38:58) – The most interesting DNA discovery

(41:10) – Katie’s expectations on her life span

(43:15) – Characteristics that make you successful

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