Lucas Aoun: Nootropics, Dopamine & Testosterone | Episode 05

Do supplements work the same for everyone? In this episode, Lucas Aoun shares his favorite supplements to improve cognitive function and focus, and he and Joe dig deep into how these compounds work in the body, discussing the research, dosages, and what to look out for.

They discuss dopamine and the mechanisms behind dopamine supplements and share their different experiences experimenting with supplements. Plus, listen to the benefits of increasing dopamine levels steadily vs taking supplements that cause a spike.

Lucas and Joe also talk about how to optimize testosterone levels, what causes low testosterone, and Lucas shares one surprising hack to increase your testosterone levels. Plus, find out one health hack Joe coins as “bromeopathy”.

Lucas Aoun is the founder of Ergogenic Health and Australia’s leading biohacker & men’s health expert.

This interview is not intended as medical advice.

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