Siim Land: How To Lower Cholesterol & Improve Longevity | Episode 03

Is high cholesterol really bad for you? In this episode, Joe and Siim Land discuss what causes high cholesterol, which biomarkers to track for longevity, and the biggest mistake people make when trying to lose weight.

Siim shares one surprising mineral that can help lower cholesterol and talks about how intermittent fasting helps his mental & physical performance. Then, Siim and Joe discuss a top supplement for longevity and healthspan.

Siim Land is a renowned public speaker and expert in biohacking, health optimization, and overall performance optimization. He is also the author of Metabolic Autophagy and The Immunity Fix with Dr. James Dinicolantonio. 

This interview is not intended as medical advice.

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(0:00) – Introduction

(0:41) – Why Siim Got Into Biohacking

(2:35) – What markers should you measure for longevity?

(8:28) – Taking blood tests every year to track improvements

(10:40) – The top supplement to improve longevity

(13:21) – Cholesterol in the biohacking world

(14:23) – Intermittent fasting, fats, and lowering cholesterol

(17:04) – Zinc and Copper ratio

(18:27) – Does lower T3 contribute to high cholesterol?

(19:37) – One supplement with high evidence of increasing lifespan

(20:36) – What Siim tracks on a regular basis

(22:43) – Siim’s HRV numbers

(23:54) – How Siim improves mental performance

(26:25) – How Siim improves physical performance

(30:09) – The biggest mistake people make with fat loss

(34:55) – Genetics affect on portion control in diets

(36:40) – How often is Siim physically active per day?

(38:05) – How you process carbs differently based on your body composition

(40:34) – Sleephacking tips from Siim Land

(45:54) – Improving your immunity

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