Teemu Arina: Biohacking Your Brain & Body | Episode 02

Kiwi as a biohack for sleep? Bet you didn’t know that one! In this episode, Joe and Teemu Arina talk all about biohacking your sleep, low & high HRV ranges, why heart rate variability is important for your overall health, and discuss some of Teemu’s favorite biohacks for the body & brain.

Teemu tells Joe why he got into biohacking, his secret to handling stress, and what he thinks is the best approach to optimizing his mental and physical performance. He also gives you a glimpse of what his supplement stack looks like and lets you in on one of his favorite supplements.

Teemu Arina is a thriving speaker and the creator and organizer of the Biohacker Summit. He’s also the author of the Biohacker’s Handbook: Upgrade Yourself and Unleash Your Inner Potential.

This interview is not intended as medical advice.

(0:00) – Introduction
(1:42) – How Teemu got into biohacking
(7:43) – Optimizing the physical to improve the mental
(10:10) – How to improve your creativity
(13:03) – Personalizing your biohacking tools
(21:18) – Unsullied by paid sponsors
(21:45) – What is HRV and how Teemu increase his HRV
(26:49) – What are Joe’s strategies for improving HRV
(32:54) – The strength of the mind and negative effects of measuring
(34:44) – How the environment affects your sleep quality
(36:38) – The best biohacks for sleep
(41:00) – Melatonin’s effect on the body
(42:51) – What supplements does Teemu take every day?
(45:41) – Discount code for Biohacker Summit

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