Tim Gray: Sleep, Psychedelics & Methylene Blue | Episode 07

Should you be scared of psychedelics? In this episode, Tim Gray and Joe talk about how to get more REM and deep sleep, and Tim discusses his experience with methylene blue. They talk about the pros and cons of alcohol and their experience with different psychedelics.

Tim shares his experience with conventional medicine, the top things he’s trying to optimize in his health and his strategies for kidney health, gut health, and more. He talks about how he used to track 35 biomarkers every day, and which ones he still continues to monitor.

They discuss methylation, the MTHFR gene & SNPs, and how genetics and your environment can affect your overall health and how you respond to supplements. 

Tim Gray is the UK’s leading biohacker and the founder of the popular Health Optimisation Summit, The Biohacker London Meetup group, and London’s first private Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic. He is dedicated health optimizing biohacker, a psychology specialist, entrepreneur, and global speaker.

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