Understanding Anxiety: The Genetic Connection and Holistic Remedies | Q&A #01

Is anxiety truly genetic? How do our genes and environment shape our response to stress? Are we all experiencing the world differently based on our unique biochemical makeup?

In this episode, Joe and Dr. Greg (SelfDecode Health Expert) dive deep into the realm of anxiety, answering questions from the SelfDecode community and unmasking the role our brain’s biochemistry plays in the expression of anxiety.

Joe and Greg discuss the role of mental health in overall wellness and highlight specific genes that you can look at to potentially help you get rid of anxiety.

They then focus on the nutrients most commonly depleted under chronic stress and their links to anxiety, and break down some herbal supplements that work wonders in balancing our brain’s neurotransmitters.

From the influence of specific genes like COMT and MTHFR, to the vital role of minerals like magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6, this episode is a deep dive into the science of anxiety!


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(0:00) – Is anxiety genetic?

(06:32) – Supplements Joe takes for anxiety

(12:18) – Time restricted eating and the role of caffeine?

(13:18) Physical Anxiety Symptoms relief?

(14:42) Best supplements for General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

(15:48) – Can B12 worsen anxiety?

(16:50) – Can old trauma create future anxiety?

(17:46) – CBD and genetic susceptibility to anxiety

(19:30) – GABA for a COMT genetic variant

(20:16) – Most efficacious supplements for anxiety

(22:27) – Hormones and anxiety

(24:39) – Does anxiety turn into hypertension

(28:22) – Anxiety and sleep

(29:38) – Why do panic attacks happen at random times?

(30:41) – Is anxiety associated with cognitive decline?

(31:02) – What nutrients are depleted when stress isn’t managed properly?

(33:11) – Anxiety and physical pain

(34:15) – Chronic fatigue and anxiety

(36:20) – Dizziness from anxiety

(38:08) – Sense of doom even with successes?

(41:53) – Anxiety impact on tinnitus

(42:36) – Do physical only symptoms still mean anxiety?

(43:59) – Sleep and anxiety

(45:51) – 5-HTP and nausea

(48:04) – Anxiety and environmental triggers

(48:48) – Genetics and labs for anxiety

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