Using Navy SEALs Strategies to Hack Your Physical and Mental Performance with Andrew Herr

Have you ever wondered what separates elite athletes and Navy SEALs from the rest of us? How do they optimize their physical and mental performance?

In this episode, Andrew Herr – who has led human performance and biotech strategy efforts for the U.S. military and ran R&D strategy efforts to get Navy SEALs ready to deploy – comes on the show to share his secrets to hack your recovery, improve your cognitive function, and optimize your stress management techniques.

Plus, Andrew talks about the biological causes of jet lag, and how you can solve jet lag in less than a day!

Some highlights of the episode include:

✔️ The one mistake even elite athletes make that might be wasting up to 50% of your workout value

✔️ Stress management techniques to improve your overall health

✔️ What supplements you can take to improve cognitive performance

✔️ The best thing you should focus on to enhance physical performance

Andrew is the Founder & CEO of Fount. Fount runs the most comprehensive and customized health and performance programs in the world and has discovered full solutions to challenges like jet lag and PMS. Over the past decade, Andrew led human performance and biotech strategy efforts for the U.S. military, from running R&D strategy efforts to getting Navy SEALs ready to deploy. This background has made him a trusted adviser to pro sports teams, leading corporations from tech to finance, and world class scientific institutions.


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(0:00) – Intro

(1:53) – Andrew’s journey with the Navy SEALs

(6:33) – Stress management techniques

(15:20) – Optimizing gut health

(28:26) – Thoughts on cholesterol

(36:18) – Improving cognitive performance

(38:15) – Improving physical performance

(43:46) – Optimal ApoB numbers

(48:27) – Solving jet lag

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